Let's Build It
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Let's Build It

by Terry E. Mercer (c) 1997, 1999

Remember, if you don't want to build your own system, we will gladly build it for you... burn it in (thoroughly test it), and we can even install software you purchase from us or otherwise supply to us. These services are usually cost effective and a better choice, especially for beginners. It's you call. If you made it this far, you either want to learn to build your own system or are very curious. Either way, let's continue...

In the following section we will cover a basic order of assembly. It is intended only as a general guide to assist you in the assembly of your computer, not as the only way to build a PC. We realize that there are several different methods that can be employed to accomplish this goal, this just happens to be the one that we employ the most often. So, Let's Build It!

Step 1: Installing the Mother Board

Step 2: Drive Mounting

Step 3: Installing Periphery Interface Cards

Step 4: LED and BIOS Configuration

Step 5: Load the Operating System

Step 6: Load Hardware Drivers

Step 7: Load Software

Step 8: Test

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Click here to "jump" to useful Worksheets for learning about your computer - whether you own it, are upgrading it, or planning to buy a new one - these Worksheets can be printed and used for your own personal use. They are NOT for use for businesses, government agencies, or organizations.

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