Step 5: Load the Operating System

Now that you have set CMOS, you are ready to load your operating system.
This could be DOS, Windows v3.1x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, OS/2, or some other operating system.
For ease of discussion we will assume that you are going to install the most popular operating system currently in existence, as 80 million others have... Microsoft Windows95/98, and assume that the hard disk drive is brand new.
You should have both a floppy disk and a CD ROM drive. (Some versions of 98 ONLY come with a CD that is bootable).
Insert the floppy disk into drive A, and the CD in your computer. (if you ONLY have a CD, set your BIOS to boot from the CD)
Make sure that the virus checker built in to your BIOS is DISABLED - or you will get erroneous errors, because you are trying to write to the boot-sector of the hard drive, which is ALL this virus protector can detect and verify (the actual attempt - NOT whether there is a virus or not).
Turn on the computer and following the prompts.
The only problems might be your Hard drive isn't configured correctly, or the floppy doesn't start your CD ROM drive. If either of these problems occur, you will need to solve them before continuing. Basic Trouble Shooting might help you.
The installation program Microsoft has now is pretty nice. It will partition and format the Hard Disk Drive automatically (with prompts), as well as transfer all of the necessary files that are needed to run the system. Setup will ask you questions about your computer, such as type or mouse and display that you are using. Read the screens carefully and follow the instructions. In most cases the defaults are the best choice.
Once Windows is successfully installed, move to the next step.

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