Step 6: Load Hardware Drivers

Now that Windows is running on your computer it is time to load the drivers associated with any special hardware that may be installed (and physically INSIDE your machine at this time... if the cards aren't in your system at this time, WAIT on trying to install those card drivers until later). Most things are 'Plug-n-Play' these days, and Windows installs everything it can see. Everything it was able to detect and find at that time.
These drivers allow the computer, programs, and devices to communicate properly with each other.
Some devices might have special drivers, not yet 'included' in a stock Windows installation. There should be detailed instructions of how to install these drivers are contained in the technical manuals provided with the devices. Don't let these manuals intimidate you. Most name brand components have great installation programs, once they are started.
Unless your computer is brand new, you might want to finish this after getting the latest drivers for your components. You can do this by contacting the companies that made the parts, from a local technician, or from the Internet. I have found that most of the larger companies have drivers available on the Internet, usually for FREE... only your time finding them and down loading them are required. Check out our "Companies Listings" - available off the home page of this web site - over 2,000 company internet addresses are listed.

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