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Terry E. Mercer
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Employment History


Since 1998, when the inforamtion below was last updated, I have been (and still am) the President of MD's Choice, Inc. A Nutritional Supplement company that specializes in the highest quality, most bio-available pure nutritional organic products on the market. Focused mostly on joints, digestions, and broad spectrum foundational health. Since 2001, I've also been an active semi-professional Photographer, specializing in sports action, commercial, and nature photography. In 2012, I started learning to transition from still images to video. From 1989 to 1998 I was an exhibitor at tradeshows in the computer, software, and scuba industries. From 1998 through 2009, it's been mostly equine (horse) related tradeshows and events, some canine (dog), as well as nutritional, and veterinarian events. Also, since 2012, I've been actively photographing musicians (mostly live concerts)... country and classic rock. And currently manage about 100 internet web domains. The stuff below is what led up to the above abilities and acheivements. With few exceptions, all 'time frames' (years) were 'as of' 1998. I started my first business venture when I was 10 years old, my first 'official' sole-proprietorship when I was 33, and became a partner in a corpotation at 35. Despite the fluctuating economy, I've never filed bankruptcy, and strive to always maintain the utmost integrity, honor, and ethics in my life, and with my clients.

Extensive knowledge and experience with product research & development, analysis, intellectual property licensing, printing and marketing. I have proven development practices to significantly improve products by implementing specific quality control processes aimed at innovation, marketability, technical soundness, and user friendliness.

Over thirty years of comprehensive hardware and software experience. Business and personnel management experience, both in a corporate setting and as an entrepreneur/sole proprietor. Original product ideas regarding utilities, applications, Web Development, related communication and information-based products, have opened up enormous corporate profit potential.

I have a tremendous knowledge base to pull from, involving all facets of the computer, camera, and nutrition industries. My specialty is solving problems, making things work, reducing technical support, increasing usability, and customer interfacing. Product licensing, development, purchasing, and product design are other areas I have a proven track record with.

In these industries, it doesn't matter how smart a person is, they can't know everything. I am an honest, hard working person, with a team of "smart friends," contacts, and associates which either know those things I don't know or can help point me in the right direction. For nearly 30 years I've helped make "ideas" real!

Computer Related Experience:

bulletCo-Founder/Owner - Pacific Buyer's Group: Internet Web Site Design, Development and Implementation, Assorted Research & Development Coordination Projects, Custom Hardware design and implementation, consulting, business automation, and assorted other services. Marketing & advertising have become a big part of the companies profile. Dealing with both media sourcing, ad implementation, commercial printers and trade shows. We have also become involved in developing new vendor/supplier relationships for some of our customers... in turn, reducing their product costs and/or improving the quality of their product. PBG was specifically designed to offer solutions for it's customers. Odds are, PBG can help you save your company a great deal of money, time, and stress. We strive to give you the "biggest bang for your buck." Our quality speaks for itself!

Research & Development Coordinator / Product Acquisition & Licensing  - CD Micro, llc.: First quarter 1998 nearly 3 million CD's were distributed world wide - with LESS than 500 total technical support instances, covering nearly 2500 different product titles. I personally wrote the agreements and negotiated the licenses for over 200 'programers' (or companies) for all those CD ROM titles, under budget, in less than 9 months. I assisted in the testing, re-design, suggesting necessary programming changes, and completion of numerous CD ROM titles. Furthermore, I interfaced with developers and programmers, and designed new master discs for those titles.


 Co-Founder and Vice President of Technology, MicroMedia Publishers, Inc.: Budget CD-ROMS and Multi-Pak Sales. In 1996 through 1997 over 5 million CD's were distributed world wide - with LESS than 1,000 total technical support instances, covering nearly 350 different product titles. Designed an NT server, which experienced less than four days of "down-time" in over three years, with less than five to ten hours of "hands on" maintenance per month. I licensed over 250 CD ROM titles, dealt with contract writing and negotiations, interfaced with developers and programmers, negotiated certain payables and receivables, and designed new master discs .


Instructor, Continuing Education Program, Southern Oregon State College: (called SOU, now) I designed, implemented, and taught courses on all subjects relating to computers, except CAD and accounting. My specialties were: Operating Systems (DOS and Windows v3.1x and 95), Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, System Analysis, Software Design, Upgrading Systems, Trouble shooting computer problems (hardware & software), etc. beginning through expert level courses. I customized each class to what the majority wanted to learn... whether it was to go on to more advanced software applications or uses, or to get a job requiring computer skills.


Founder and President, Dynamic Solutions: Hardware and software sales, fulfilled government orders (custom portable computers), disc replication, business consulting for customers like: Litton Industries, Met One and Met One Technologies, PSI Research, Oasis Press, Aetna Insurance, NBIA, Small Business Development Centers, and SCORE agencies.


Computer Department Manager, PSI Research/Oasis Press: I managed the technical side of company for over two years. Hardware: I coordinated and set up a company-wide network, supported individual systems. Software: I managed software creation and development, and coordinated programmers for the software products PSI sold. Technical support: I managed personnel, support policy creation, coordination, and fulfillment. Sales: I assisted with sales support, policy creation, cost analysis.

.Product Management:

bulletProduct Development: over the past twelve years I have been responsible for testing, licensing and improving over 1,000 different computer software products, which have world-wide distribution. Research & Development co-ordination of over 100 different products/programs, many are still the best, easiest, and most unique of their type.

Launcher - In 1995 MicroMedia showed interest in using (and benefiting from) my personal pet project I call 'the Windows Launcher.' This special program allows end users to choose from three options: run the program from the CD without installing to the end-user's hard drive, install the program to run from the hard drive, or provides the end-user with a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to reduce technical support. All of this is accomplished with the click of a button. It can be added to virtually any program in less than thirty minutes. The Launcher has been added to all of MicroMedia's, CD Micro's, and a handful of other company' PC products. It is literally "Plug-N-Play" under Windows 95/98. The addition of this program to these products have virtually eliminated and greatly reduced the technical support for all of the products I have had the opportunity to "touch."


Online Catalog - I put together an "electronic catalog" for MicroMedia and a few other companies.  It consisted of an off-line web browser, merging multiple web sites, all of which are accessed through my "special" launcher. Accomplishing this task has paved the way for individual companies with existing web sites to inexpensively and effectively market their products and to cost-effectively place their product information in the hands of their customers, dealers, and distributors.


Book -on-Disc - I designed a powerful engine which allows extensive user-defined searches throughout given text, the ability to bookmark particular passages, and automatically saves your place upon exiting the program. .There is also an extensive developer's module which automated and secured the information. Once the information is in a 'text-only' format, the SDK created a Table of Contents, Indexing capabilities, and extensive key word searches. In addition, it had an extremely advanced encryption algorithm to protect the author's valuable data.  My key programmer, Ken Clever, took my concepts and wrote the code and we improved the design, use, and coding. Nearly seven years later, there still isn't a program that can do many of the things this program and the developers module can do.


Product upgrades. This includes altering the product, taking into account future operating systems (such as migrating from the 16 bit to the 32 bit world), bug removal and/or acknowledgment to reduce technical support of a given product. Once I have defined the problem(s) and solution(s), I then supervise the technical assistant or third-party who makes the actual programming changes and upgrades.


Manage product testing on both current and new titles. I have trained several assistants to quickly and accurately 'size up' a prospective product. I can effectively calculate the product's technical support requirements, overall quality and a basic competitive analysis. It has saved both myself, and the companies I am licensing titles for, a lot of time.


Licensing Products from 3rd Parties - I continue to be extremely successful in locating and licensing products with enormous profit potential and possibilities, at a very low comparative cost. Most of these contracts allow us to purchase the "royalty free" right to manufacture and distribute the product for a specific period of time or to buy the product outright at, or well below market value. Always below "normal" development costs.


Contract Negotiation. I am also responsible for creating new agreements and maintaining a working relationship with the programmers, developers and licensers. This consistently enables me to pick up new products, lower royalties, and improve on existing contracts, and even help settle both payable and receivable disagreements.


Mastering CD-ROMS - I am responsible for mastering all MicroMedia titles (between 1994 and 1998), most of which had the 'Launcher' added to them (well over 250 different commercial titles by 1998). In order to send a disc to replication, a gold master must be made of the program. In the past, I trained and managed several employees to assist me in this process. The tasks involved include: setting up the file structure, searching out, editing, and creating the end-user interface, linking the programs to the Launcher, burning the gold master, and testing the resulting product for technical soundness and aesthetic quality.


bulletTechnical Support Coordinator - To date, over 10 million software programs - on floppies, CD's and over the Internet have been distributed world wide that I have had the opportunity to "touch"  - in the last 12 years, I have been so confident of the changes I orchestrated on the programs, my home telephone number has been placed on each of these programs. None of the programs have caused or created more than 5 technical support instances a day! Most of the products don't generate more than 30 calls per month... and I have had alterations made to over 1,000 different product titles in the last twelve years. I have designed, coordinated, and managed the end-user technical support for five different companies over the years. The phenomenal lack of problems is a direct result from  adding  the Launcher, information files (written for the layman) and the 'tweaks' done to make the programs work more effectively.
bulletManage Support on Business Systems. I have been responsible for designing, setting up, and managing servers and workstations for nearly a dozen different businesses in the past twelve years. In the last five years, not one of the systems I designed and setup have experienced more than 24 hours of down-time during business hours, and have required an average of less than thirty minutes per week  to maintain.
bulletWeb Development Supervision. Nearly three years ago my wife and I began designing and developing Internet Web Sites. This includes the design and layout of web sites, providing technical advice on programming, developing and maintaining relationships with the ISP hosting the sites, as well as the supervising the graphics development and conversions. With over one site consisting of over 1,500 printed pages, and over 100,000 links. We currently manage 9 different sites, and received over 3,000,000 hits in 1999 alone !


bulletSales Support. I help sales personnel think about other angles, styles, and point them toward qualified leads. Often I am brought into a meeting to assist in justifying additional costs to potential buyers, especially for custom versions of hardware or software, translations, compilations and other such deviations from the standard products.

Create and/or evaluate Contractual Sales Agreements - For some of my customers, one of my responsibilities is to work with their legal counsel and help make sure their sales, licensing, and other legal agreements are to their benefit... by effectively limiting liability and maximizing the profit potential, while giving the customer  the greatest opportunity to make the project successful. I excel at the negotiation and creating a protected win-win environment.


High Dollar Purchasing - Once a project is defined and a budget established, I am responsible for researching the best options, the agreement, and in many cases ultimately striking the final deal for some of my customers. These deals have dollar amounts often ranging up to low seven figures.

Other Skills and Responsibilities:

bulletRenegotiating payables - In addition to auditing accounts, I have successfully set up payment structures which have been amenable to both sides on numerous occasions. This has resulted in a savings to MicroMedia Publishers, Inc. of well over a million dollars in 1996 & 1997 alone.
bulletLitigation Assistance - On several occasions, I have been responsible for gathering information to protect a customer's interests in various legal actions. To date, all settlements and judgments have been in my customer's favor. Much of the information I have gathered has been described by our legal counsel as "crucial" and has been the "turning point" in several of the legal cases.
bulletTrade Shows - I have been attending and exhibiting at computer and specialty trade shows for over 10 years, other types of tradeshows for over two years. I can accurately determine which shows are best for existing and new products, which are money makers, and which shows have the potential to generate long term and successful business relationships. I also excel at finding new products, and establishing new relationships while maintaining lucrative existing business connections. I also provide sales support on a regular basis during the show.


Business Skills Possessed:

Product Management Project Management 
Personnel Management  Technical Support Mgmt. 
Product Testing Mgmt. In-House Support Mgmt.
Product Development Product Licensing
Product Upgrades  Product Mastering 
Product Marketing Sales Support
Contract Generation Contract Negotiation
Idea Generation  Hardware Support 
High Dollar Purchasing Trade Show Experience 
Office Organization  Cost Accounting
Public Relations Inventory Control 
Goal Achievement  General Efficiency

Windows Based Programs (of preference, many others fluently known):

Windows: Windows 95/98 Windows NT
Spreadsheet Programs: MS Excel 
Word Processing:  MS Word
Database:  MS Fox Pro  MS Access 
Desktop Publishing: Aldus Page Maker Quark Express
MS Publisher
Networking:  Windows 95/98 Windows NT
Remote Computer Access:  PC Anywhere RAS 
Web Development:  MS FrontPage HotDog
Corel Web Designer Internet Explorer 
Netscape Communicator Netscape Nav. Gold

Personal Skills and Attributes:

Articulate  Observant Quick Learner
Organized Prioritizes Problem Solver
Punctual  Responsible  Assertive
Creative Dependable Inventive
Persistent  Team Player Works well alone

Other Abilities/Interests:

.....Roller Skating - ex-Competition & Hockey
.....Scuba Diving (PADI) - Dive Master and Assistant Instructor
.....Downhill Skiing - ex-Ski instructor
.....Snow Boarding - learning
.....Search & Rescue - water accidents

Employment History

More detail can be supplied upon request

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