The final "Booster" - Think Positive, you CAN do it !!!

I can tell you that people of all levels of skills, education, and intelligence use computers. Kids as young as 2 and 3, and as old as 80 to over 100. College grads, and 3rd grade drop outs that can barely read. People have an ability to do what they want. Different people learn at different rates, and in different ways. The key is to realize that you aren't alone in either your quest for knowledge or frustration regarding computers. Remember, computers have a ZERO IQ, and are worse than a new born baby. They can ONLY do what YOU (or the program you have installed or started) tell it to do. When you first tried to ride a bike it wasn't easy, was it? What about your friend, relative, or co-worker that is using a computer... did they take to it instantly? NO... they struggled, and are still learning new things every day, or they aren't using the computer very much. YOU CAN DO IT! Have faith in your intelligence, and ability. Computers are very powerful tools that

If there are other questions or problems, please e-mail them to me, and I will try to give you both the order of possibilities and possible solutions. The nice thing about computers is that 99% of the time, there are only two or three things that can cause certain problems with certain things passing tests, and certain things failing. The better you can communicate the problem to me, and describe what the system is doing... what you have done... and can recreate the problem, the more likely I will be able to answer your question and explain how to solve the problem.

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